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The CA-5000S is a test solution for the manual, computer assisted or fully automatic testing of Line Replaceable Units (LRUs). It is a modular instrumentation system based on the open industry-standard PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) architecture.

A master computer controls the PXI chassis and all peripheral devices. The peripheral devices are serially controlled by any of several busses i.e. LXI, Ethernet, USB, RS-232/422 and IEEE-488 (used only in legacy products).

The core CA-5000S is comprised of the following:

  • Steel equipment racks with countertop workspace
  • Input power control, distribution and conditioning
  • Master computer controlling all peripheral devices
  • Instrument PXI Chassis with base modules installed
  • DC Power Supply
  • AC Power Supply
  • Fixed DC power supplies
  • Virginal Panel Corporation (VPC) VP 90 series vertical frame, single tier
  • Expansion 19” width rack space for generators, analyzers, etc.
  • Stand alone equipment rack for the storage of unused fixtures, cables and accessories

The architecture has been designed so that Domains (test capabilities for specific LRUs), may be added with the addition of the requisite test equipment which may take the form of PXI modules installed in the PXI chassis or rack mounted equipment.

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