Capital Avionics

Frequently Asked Questions

No, these Digital Compasses are stand-alone, portable magnetic standards. All that is needed is a ramp
area free of magnetic interference which can be determined with the Digital Compass.

Government regulatory bodies (FAA, EASA, etc.) do not approve test equipment as standard procedure.
They accept test equipment through acceptance of your Repair Station Manual (RSM) and/or Quality
Manual which includes your shop practices and equipment. Because of the widespread use of these Digital
Compasses around the world, the FAA has written an Advisory Circular AC 43-215 which includes the CA-
320/321 (and by extension, the CA-420) as an acceptable means of testing and aligning aircraft compass

The AC may be found in the Tech Data.

1. FCC Part 15 certification with additional EMI and RFI emissions tests performed.
2. FDA approved Class IIIA laser (same as the CA-320A/321A).
3. CE compliant with the exception of a small quantity of tin/lead solder.
4. The internal battery is certified to meet the requirements of the 2017 Lithium Battery Guidance
Document under Class UN 3481 and meeting UN38.3 standard for non-hazard designation. The
system may be shipped by any means (air, ship, vehicle) without a lithium battery mark or
compliance statement on the air waybill.

We recommend a one year calibration cycle. The CA-320A/321A/421A sensor and accompanying
indicator (CA-320B/321B/421B) are sent to Apalachicola, Florida. We also suggest sending in the
chargers so that they can be tested.

No, the precision equipment and specialized software
required in this application are not typically available in the calibration industry. Additionally, as the
manufacturer, we can provide timely repairs and updates during the calibration cycle.

Domestic (U.S.A) calibration 0.5°                                           $630.
Domestic (U.S.A) calibration 0.1°                                           $795.
International calibration 0.5°                                                   $680
International calibration 0.1°                                                   $795
Calibration with battery change 0.5° (every 5 years)          $1150
Calibration with battery change 0.1° (every 5 years)          $1275

Maintenance providers are using our equipment on legacy Boeings, as one example, but we are
always looking to add airframes where there is a need. There is no limitation on aircraft size.