Portable Compass Rose

CA-420 Digital Compass

The CA-420 Digital Compass System is the successor to the CA-320/321 and incorporates the latest technology. Improved magnetic sensors, processors and RF communications link all serve to provide the technician with state-of-the-art tools for aircraft compass alignment.

Included in the standard service package is the following:

  • Newly designed and enlarged wing mount adapter
  • Android tablet with WiFi connectivity
  • World-Wide FCC RF approval with additional EMI and RFI certifications
  • Fully enclosed CA-420A windscreen for stable readouts
  • Laser protecting goggles for use under any setup
  • Increased accuracy of 0.35°RMS (0.5° resolution) and 25°RMS (0.1° resolution)
  • System comprised of two storage/shipping cases; one for the CA-420A/CA-420B Sensor/Display, and the other for the applicable airframe kit.