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Liquidation Sale

Below is a list of all equipment being liquidated for sale. Send inquiries to or call 850-370-1306.


Model: CA-323 Breakout Tester
Price: $7,500.00
Description: CA-323 Breakout Boxes (3 total) with Cables (9 total): two 100 pin and one 200 CA-323 boxes with KCP 420 100 pin cable, KI 525/A 100 pin cable, KG 102/A 100 pin cable, CTS-10 200 pin cable, KC 295 200 pin cable, S-TEC 50/55X/550 200 pin cable, Century 41 200 pin cable, KFC 275/325 200 pin cable, KC 190/191/192 200 pin cable.






Model: CA-369
P/N: 071-0109-00
Price: $395.00
Description: KS 27X Servo Breakout Box




Model: ART 2000
P/N: 071-01519-0101
Price: $6,250.00
Radar RTA
Tagged by Southeast Aerospace on December 2018
6-month warranty





Model: KC 225
P/N: 050-03488-0000
Price: $1,050.00
Description: Rack Extender



Model: Calibration Generator Equipment
Price: $500.00
Description: TM504 power rack with PG 506A Calibration Generator, TG 501 Time Mark Generator, SG 503 Leveled Sine Wave Generator. All equipment in calibration until 11 January 2019.




Model: HP34970A
Price: $225.00
Description: Data Acquisition/Data Logger Switch



Model: ASI Astrosystems, Inc.
Price: $475.00
Description: Synchro/Resolver Bridge, 3-digit resolution.




Model: USB-SA44B
Price: $375.00
Description: 1Hz-4.4 GHz USB Spectrum Analyzer with USB Cable





Model: ATC-1200Y3
Price: $250.00
Description: XPDR/DME Simulator. Parts unit. Intermittent, but complete.





Model: Rigol DSA 815
Price: $850.00
Description: Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz – 1.5 GHz with preamplifier.





Model: Rackmount Adapter
Price: $50.00
Description: 19″ rackmount adapter, for Rigol spectrum analyzer.






Model: Rackmount Adapter
Price: $50.00
Description: 19″ rackmount adapter, for Rigol scope.






Model: Work Bench
Price: $150.00
Description: Work bench with shelf, light, and power strip











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