Capital Avionics Adapters The CA-320/420 Digital Compass is mounted onto the aircraft and aligned with the longitudinal axis with the integral laser. It then transmits the aircraft heading to the receiver for the technician’s use. There are two methods of aligning the sensor to the longitudinal axis. The methods differ in the accuracy required for … Read more

CA-420/CA-421 Digital Compass

Portable Compass Rose CA-420 Digital Compass The CA-420 Digital Compass System is the successor to the CA-320/321 and incorporates the latest technology. Improved magnetic sensors, processors and RF communications link all serve to provide the technician with state-of-the-art tools for aircraft compass alignment. Included in the standard service package is the following: Newly designed and … Read more

Tech Data

Capital Avionics Technical Data Here we will be providing valuable technical data related to the industry (Please feel free to write something better here)Click on the link to view the PDF. MIL-STD 765A MIL-STD Original (1967) MIL-STD Change 1 (1978) MIL-STD Change 1, 2, 3 (1988, 1995, 1996) FAA Advisory Circular FAA AC 43-215


Capital Avionics Frequently Asked Questions Do you need a compass rose or any other reference when using the CA-320/321/420? No, these Digital Compasses are stand-alone, portable magnetic standards. All that is needed is a ramparea free of magnetic interference which can be determined with the Digital Compass. Has the CA-320/321/420 been approved by the FAA … Read more

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Capital Avionics Terms & Conditions Customer Service All quoted prices are discounted to reflect the terms and net due amount specified in the Sales Order. We accept company check (with prior approval), cash, VISA and Master Card credit cards and wire transfer. Please note that payment by credit card is not discounted and may incur additional transaction fees.

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Capital Avionics Warranty Policy Customer Service All Capital Avionics, Inc. (CAI) products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from date of purchase. During this period CAI products will be repaired or replaced, at our option, without charge for parts or labor, but excluding transportation costs to and … Read more

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Capital Avionics Shipping & Delivery Customer Service Shipping & Mailing Address Capital Avionics, Inc.8 Airport RoadApalachicola, FL 32320PH: (850) Shipping Information Consult with your shipper to ensure that your component is being packaged to their specifications. General guidelines are as follows: Allow at least 3” clearance on all sides of the component to the … Read more

CA-320/CA-321 Legacy Digital Compass

Portable Compass Rose CA-320 & CA-321 Legacy Compass Correction System Compass Calibration for All Aircraft Types Fixed Wing OperationsRotor Wing Operations Simple and accurate compass calibration Easy to OperateUnsurpassed AccuracySaves Time and Money Revolutionary, New, Portable Magnetic Standard For Compass Calibration This stand-alone, portable, magnetic measurement standard replaces the need for a compass rose, master … Read more

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