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Fixed Wing Operation

Fixed Wing Operation

For FIXED WING AIRCRAFT, the CA-320C general purpose wing mount adapter may be used.

First, the magnetic heading of the aircraft is determined by aiming the CA-320A’s integral laser along easily identified reference points. One common method is to mount the CA-320A atop a tripod and align the laser beam between the nose of the aircraft, the pilot and co-pilot windshields, antennas and/or seams of the aircraft’s skin.

An alternative method, for larger aircraft, is to aim the laser beam from the rear of the aircraft which is then aligned with antennas and/or other longitudinal axis reference points.

Having aligned the laser, the CA-320A function switch is set to COMPASS and the magnetic heading read on the CA-320B.

The CA-320C Wing Mount is placed onto the wing at a location determined to have little magnetic interference and secured. Next, the CA-320A is attached to the CA-320C and a quality test performed which verifies the state of the local magnetic field. Lastly, the CA-320A is adjusted so that the CA-320B reads the heading established by the laser alignment procedure previously performed. The technician is now ready to test and align the magnetic transmitter based compass systems.

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