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CA-320 & CA-321 Digital Compass

Portable Compass Rose
CA-320 & CA-321 Compass Correction System


Compass Calibration for All Aircraft Types

  • Fixed Wing Operations
  • Rotor Wing Operations

Simple and accurate compass calibration

  • Easy to Operate
  • Unsurpassed Accuracy
  • Saves Time and Money

Revolutionary, New, Portable Magnetic Standard For Compass Calibration
This stand-alone, portable, magnetic measurement standard replaces the need for a compass rose, master sight compass, surveyor transit devices and complex specialized equipment – all imprecise methods. The current time-consuming, labor intensive, costly process of aligning aircraft heading
systems has been replaced by technology that matches the modern cockpit environment.

Developed for the aerospace industry, its benefits apply to marine, military and other compass calibration needs.

CA-320 – 0.5” resolution
CA-321 – 0.1” resolution


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