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CA-310 KS-27xC Servo Test Set

CA-310 KS-27xC

CA-310 KS-27xC

The CA-310 test fixture is designed to test the KS-270C (pitch), KS-271C (roll) and KS-272C (trim) servos used in the KAP-140 and KCP-225 autopilots. Instructions for its use are in the respective Component Maintenance Manuals.

The CA-310 needs only +28VDC input power (in the rear) for all tests, and with its front panel controls allows for fast and thorough checks. Two cables are used for testing the three servos, with the CAB-310-1 used for the KS-270C and KS-271C, and the CAB-310-2 cable used for the KS-272C.

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