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Tech Time Articles

Tech Time Articles

Capital Avionics has been an active member of the Aircraft Electronics Association since the 1980s and the founder, Al Ingle, noticed in 1998 that a technical article appearing monthly in the trade magazine Avionics News, had been discontinued. He offered to continue the articles encompassing the entire avionics industry – from fundamentals, to accepted indusry practices and flightline maintenance.

The articles appeared in the magazine over a ten year period. Archived here are those most relevant to the services performed today.


EZ Resolvers – June 1999 November 2, 2012

OMNI BEARING SELECTORS (OBS) Electrical Zero (EZ) Last month the operation of 30 Hz ORZ […]

Omni Bearing Selectors – May 1999 November 1, 2012

OMNI BEARING SELECTORS (OBS) Omni Range Zero (ORZ) The Omni Bearing Selector (OBS) is an […]

On to the Bench – April 1999 October 31, 2012

Last month we looked at aircraft radio frequency and audio frequency interference and measures that […]

Applications in Aircraft: Logarithms, Decibels – March 1999 October 31, 2012

The previous two months we have covered basic power equations, this month we look at […]

More on Power: Logarithms, Decibels – February 1999 October 30, 2012

This month we continue our discussion of power. A logarithm is an exponent.  Two types […]

Power Tips – January 1999 October 30, 2012

This month we are going to look at ways to measure power simply and accurately. […]

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