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Avionics Services

Avionics Services

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Capital Avionics, Inc. has steadfastly maintained its component repair capabilities in the face of an industry that is abandoning this service. We continue to invest in this area of aircraft support because we believe that the customer is best served by providing local, prompt repairs. We have partnered with many of the avionics, radar and GPS manufacturers in developing test equipment and test procedures for their products. The result is an organization with superior troubleshooting and repair capabilities across the spectrum of avionics, radar and GPS instruments found in today’s aircraft.

  • Radio Class 1, 2 and 3; Instrument Class 2, 3, Limited other
  • Extensive autopilot experience and expertise
  • Extensive radar and GPS experience
  • State of the art test equipment
  • Full in-house environmental screening (temperature and altitude)
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