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Legacy: 1st Loran C Approach in Florida

Legacy: 1st Loran C Approach in Florida

In 1987, Loran C was considered to be an inexpensive alternative to existing ground based VOR, TACAN and ILS systems. In Florida, $300,000 would purchase and validate the six required Loran-C monitors for statewide nonprecision approach capability.

Florida Inaugural Approach Loran "C"With this in mind, the State of Florida approached Capital Avionics and asked if we would undertake the project of installing an Advanced Navigation, Inc., Loran C receiver into one of its King Air aircraft and integrate it into the exiting avionics suite. Issues encountered and solved included elimination of interference at the Loran C carrier frequency of 100KHz.

The test flight with an FAA administrator on board on May 22, 1987 had two distinctions:

  • It was Florida’s first approved Loran-C non precision instrument approach.
  • It was the nation’s first approved Loran-C approach based on a nondirectional beacon instrument approach.

Loran-C Approach
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